CIF Sac-Joaquin Section member schools grant admission to all credentialed working members of the media for the purpose of covering their events. These credentials are issued each school year and entitle the bearer entry to all regular season and playoff contests (with the exception of some championship events) conducted by SJS member schools. For practices, please get permission from the member school to attend.


CIF Sac-Joaquin Section media credentials may be obtained through the SHS by completing this form. Credentials are strictly limited to working members of the media. All credential requests should be completed on the official online form.


Special credentials will be required for SJS football and basketball championships. These may be obtained through e-mail request only. Championship event credential requests must be received by the SJS a minimum of two (2) working days prior to the event. Requests should designate the number of media/press/photo passes required and the school(s) to be covered by the affiliate in application. No deviation or exception will be allowed with regard to these regulations.


SJS media credentials will be honored at all SJS playoff contests, other than championship events where special credentials are required. The SJS retains the right to require special credential requests for non-championship events as applicable.


  • Internet sites desiring SJS media credentials must submit requests on company letterhead. For SJS championships, requests must be made no later than one week in advance of the event to allow time to review the site and its content to determine legitimacy.
  • Internet sites desiring media credentials must have a demonstrated record of sustained coverage of high school sports, which should include (but is not limited to):
    • Publishing stories and statistics in a timely basis about individual contests;
    • Publishing scores on game days;
    • Publishing feature stories about high school sports teams, coaches and student-athletes.
  • The following internet sites will not be granted credentials:
    • Personal page internet site publishers;
    • Subscription-based internet sites;
    • Internet sites associated in any way with alcohol, tobacco, drugs of any kind, gambling of any kind, political parties or candidates or any other advertising considered in poor taste or not in compliance with the mission of interscholastic athletics as determined by the SJS;
    • Sites developed solely to list/profile/rank recruiting prospects or teams and/or to provide chat rooms/forums/blogs.
    • Sites developed solely to provide highlight or “hype” clips for individual players.
  • Internet sites must furnish, upon request, the name of a contact person who can serve as the liaison to the CIF-SS in the event questions or concerns arise related to the accuracy and fairness of content posted from CIF-SS events.